The one BIG love

"Its got ot be that can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?" Right? When will that one big love come and knock me down? Have you ever felt that way? Waiting? wishing? hopeing? I want it all, the romantic guy, the manly guy, the guy that knows he has the most beautiful girl in the world and nothing will ever ruin it.



family oriented

Loves baseball

Loves STL CARDINALS baseball

Likes to have fun, but also chill at home watching movies

Fights back but always comes apologizing when I do

Respectable (but not all the time if ya know what I mean ;)

Loves dogs

Likes to travel

Black hair, blue or green eyes maybe? 

A smile that will send a shock wave through me

      Stupid to make a list, stupid to want something so bad that may or may not exist. My parents are divorced, dad twice. Does that mean I don't have a chance? Do I even believe in true lasting love? who knows. Fat girls don't always get the happy ending, but maybe I will. Need to have faith though, and I do. God has a plan for me, its just hard to believe when your lonley.

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