She looked at her cracked iphone for the 5th time in thirty minutes. Why hasent he texted me back? Was it not funny enough? Did it sound stupid? She tries so hard to be a good friend to him.Loyal, nice, giving, even supportive. But he doesn't appreciate her. He takes her for granted like everyone else. And why should she even care? Because as much as she doesent want to admit it, she loves him. As stupid as it is, she does. And she hates herself everyday for it.  

get over it, move on. Just be his friend.

If only those words could change her heart, she would be fine. But no matter how hard they don't. She sits and wonders why she isnt even good enough for a text back. 

One day she will find the person that treats her right. Appreciates all the love and friendship she gives. Or at least she hopes so.

She hopes as well those who take her for granted dont wake up one day asking what they could have done to keep her here. If only they noticed her a little bit more. 

She also hopes they do feel this, and don't get over it, Just. Like. Her. 

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